Qualifications and Experience

  • Over thirty years experience in commercial and industrial construction
  • President of Crawford-Dunn of NC, Inc. from 1993 through 2010
  • Unlimited General Contractor’s license in the State of North Carolina
  • Full real estate brokerage license, also in North Carolina

  • Construction Management Services:

    We can assist from the earliest stages of your new or expansion project. Our services can include site selection, design team development, budgeting, pre-construction and construction phase supervision.

    Site Selection: Pick the site that best suites your needs and budget.

    We have first hand experience with site selection and site development. Our team can provide you with a detailed comparison of potential sites for your project. Our analysis will include the cost of acquisition, grading and infrastructure activities.

    Design Team: Assemble a team of experienced design professionals.

    We can work directly with your design team or we can assist you with the selection of design professionals. Our services could include developing a Request for Proposal (RFP) that details your project requirements, a review of firm credentials and analysis of proposals submitted.

    Pre-construction budgeting: Know what to expect concerning cost.

    We will work with you to establish outline specifications for your project. Coordinate preliminary pricing based on local conditions. Suggest alternative materials and methods, as necessary, to assure a quality end product in accordance with budgetary constraints.

    Construction Services: We will coordinate the entire project.

    During the actual construction, we will provide on-site supervision, all typical General Conditions requirements, administrative related services to coordinate subcontractors and suppliers and endeavor to manage the Project in accordance with the latest approved estimate of Construction Cost, the Project Schedule and the Contract Documents.

    For a more detailed description of our services, please see a sample of our basic construction management contract: